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Networking Crouse

What you'll learn

  • Splice, Cut, and Install Data Wiring onto Jacks
  • Successfuly Install RJ45 Connectors onto Ethernet Cables
  • Properly Test All Cables / Connections for Signal
  • Find and Detect Network Cables within Walls and Clusters
  • Physically Increase Network Capabilities
  • Intuitively Run Cable


  • Must be able to safetly utilize sharp objects
  • Certain tools (explained in detail in the course)


Cabling is no-doubt one of the fundamentals of the IT world. 

Whether you're an Intern or a Level III Technician, you'll eventually run into a situation that requires you to create and run cable. What seems like an easy task can turn into a real headache if the proper steps aren't executed properly. 

This course is designed to teach you the core principles of network cabling so that you can; 

  • Cut and Measure Ethernet Cable Wiring
  • Determine Category Types 
  • Install (a.k.a. "Crimp") RJ45 Connectors onto Cables
  • Wire and Establish Connections with Jacks / Ports
  • Test and Diagnose New / Existing Connections
  • And everything else in-between 



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