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CCTV Training Courses

What you'll learn

  • Understanding of a CCTV System and advise your customers about a perfect solution, and give them a competitive offer.
  • Understanding various CCTV Technologies( Analog, IP, Hybrid & Wireless) and Design any type of video surveillance system.
  • Understanding Mainly used Terminologies of CCTV System( Camera functionality, Lens functionality, Compression Codecs, Resolutions etc.
  • Understanding Various Components of a Complete CCTV Solution.
  • Describe the camera properties that contribute to the required image quality for a given surveillance objective.
  • Learn How to actually design a a requirement using Design tools.
  • Learn to Calculate Bandwidth & Storage for your Solution.


  • Basic Understanding of Information Technology & Networks.
  • All you need is covered in the course.


Training for Analog, IP, Hybrid and Wireless CCTV system Understanding and Knowing about CCTV design Consideration.

Enrolling Yourself in this course will Not Only Enhance your Knowledge & skills on CCTV system. Rather you will know about CCTV Design Parameters which will make you fit to design the same by your own.

Installation is Excluded.   



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